Milan Obesity Center: Endoscopy Bariatric Surgery

The only center that offers personalized treatments: we are able to follow the patients through all the diagnostic and prognostic aspects of the treatment.

The Milan Obesity Center is a multi-specialist center, a point of reference for the combined treatment of all the weight problem related classes.

From underweight to third-class obesity, our specialists will successfully suggest to the patient a course of treatment and of improvement during which all of its aspects will be thoroughly treated.

Thanks to our partners, we are capable of managing all of the pathologies’ different level of complexity: from simple recovery of physical fitness to the post operative recovery.

The center is able to offer a complete treatment because it can take advantage of the best specialists in their field and also of the partnership sealed with the Brain&Body gym and with a laboratory qualified to perform all the haematochemical examinations required.

Our specialists are leaders in their fields and they offer breakthrough treatments:

  • diagnostic treatment (blood tests and multifunctional specialist visits)
  • clinical treatment (internal medicine)
  • minimally invasive surgical endoscopic treatment (endobarrier)
  • traditional surgical treatment
  • psychological treatment (cognitive, maintenance and recovery)
  • post-surgery recovery
  • fitness treatment fot losing weight

The patient will be able to find the right answer without waisting time in complex transfers looking for the different specialist.

We are people, not just specialists

Andrea Formiga

dr. Andrea Formiga

Dr. Andrea Formiga, abdominal and thoracic surgeon, is extremely experienced in Minimally Invasive and Laparoscopic Surgery. Specialist in Digestive and Respiratory Endoscopy, he deals, with large operating certified series of interventions, with laparoscopic and thoracoscopic surgery for benign and oncological diseases, with endoscopic and sugical treatment of obesity and diabetes (BIB, Endobag, Endobarrier, Endostich, Obalon), with gastric banding, sleeve gastrectomy, digestive endoscopy, EGDS, colonoscopy diagnostic and operative, bronchoscopy.

He is currently the only specialist in Italy to use the Endobarrier Method.


dr. Roberto Scarano

Dr. Roberto Scarano, a specialist in abdominal surgery, is the Medical Director and owner of the Manara Medical Center in Milan.