what are we talking about?

The frequent failure of the bariatric surgical treatments currently proposed in the world finds a new hope in the development of new endoscopic treatments, which represent an effective technological innovation, reducing risks for the patient, costs and hospitalization. To this day, one of the most modern and innovative endoscopic techniques employed all over the world, and also in Italy in our center, is represented by a primary gastric plication using the Apollo OverStitch System. With this method you can pack a gastric tube comparable to the tubular used in a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, but it doesn’t require any amputations, so there is no risk of gastric fistulas along the suture, the hospitalization is limited to 1-2 days and there is a net reduction/absence of post-operative symptoms.

The treatment is used with patients which are selected by our team of specialists dedicated to obesity and related disorders.

Our center is in fact included in an international studying group for the development of new bariatric methodologies, i.e. the International Advisory Board for Apollo Endosurgery.

In Northern Italy dr. Andrea Formiga is the main user of the Apollo Overstitch System.

The Overstitch system allows the performing of completely endoscopic sutures through the use of an Olympus Dual Channel endoscope.

This method has already been used worldwide to treat 5000 cases, it has already obtained US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval, and represents a valid alternative for patients who have to undergo a more invasive surgery.

When to use the overstitch

The Overstich technique is indicated in cases where the patient tends to regain the weight already lost after undergoing a gastric bypass and allows to treat gastric fistulae and / or abdominal cramping as the outcomes of surgical anastomosis and / or gastro-intestinal resections.

Especially in these cases, the Overstich system allows to perform an effective treatment without requiring further bariatric surgery on a previously operated patient. Hospitalization, costs and risks are also much higher in the case of a second a laparoscopic or open surgery.

Andrea Formiga

dott. Andrea Formiga

Abdominal and thoracic surgeon, he is currently the only one in Italy to apply the EndoBarrier Method. He performs, with a wide range of certified operating cases, operations of medium and advanced laparoscopic and thoracoscopic surgery that treat benign and oncological diseases, and deals with the endoscopic/sugical treatment of obesity and diabetes.


dott. Roberto Scarano

Specialist in Abdominal Surgery, he is the Medical Director and owner of the Manara Medical Center in Milan.